CEER2020 Conference

International Conference on the Clean Environment and Energy Research (CEER2020) is an event adressed to scientists, professional engineers, social workers, policy makers and other stakeholders from all over the world. It gives them the opportunity to present and publish their work, discuss and exchange ideas and knowledge. Moreover, it is a network for future collaborations.

The main goal of the CEER2020 conference is to present and discuss the latest advances in research related to clean environment and energy from technical, economic, social and political aspects.

All authors/presenters will gain an opportunity to publish their post-conference papers in an international journals, such as IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Sciences and selected journals from JCR list.

Beyond the scientific part of the CEER2020 conference, it is an excellent occassion to get to know Gdańsk – the Polish maritime capital, large centre of economic life, science, culture, and a popular tourist destination. Lying on the Bay of Gdańsk and the southern cost of the Baltic Sea the city is a thousand years old.

For more details please visit the conference website: www.ceerconference.org or contact organizers directly via e-mail: ceer2020@ize.org.pl.

The conference is organized by Institute of Sustainable Energy (www.ize.org.pl) in cooperation with Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II (www.unina.it). The Institute is also and organizer of the International Conference on the Sustainable Energy and Environmental Development (SEED). More information about the conference: www.seedconference.org.