Getting there

Hotel Gdańsk in the City of Gdańsk is located at the Szafarnia street, in the heart of the Gdańsk city, on the river Motława bank, vis a vis Żuraw Gdański (The Crane), the symbol of the city, 3-minute walk from Długa street and Neptun fountain.

The airport is located in around 18 km distance from Hotel Gdańsk, and transport by taxi takes around 25-45 minutes, depending on traffic. Connection between airport and the Central Bus Station is provided by B-line buses. The hotel can be reached from the station by taxi or tram.

Railway stations is located 3 km away from the hotel. The easiest way to access the hotel is by taxi in around 5-10 minutes. Alternatively, the hotel can be reached by trams No. 8 and 13. Walking from the station to Hotel Gdańsk takes approximately 20-25 minutes, as the walking distance is shorter than the transportation route. Additionally, the walk guarantees enjoyable experiences because of the magnificent surroundings of the Old Town, and so a stroll down the charming Długa street, by favourable weather, is a tempting offer for everyone who likes to take a walk from time to time.